August 30, 2009

We Miss You Ryan!!

Today Is the 7th year anniversary of the car accident Emily was in. This picture was taken at EFY 2 weeks before the accident!!! In the picture from left to right, Ryan, Sammi, Emily, Robbie.
Ryan lost his life in the accident. Today we think of him and what a great person he was! He always took care of my girls! He was a brother to Joshua. Ryan loved my children, teased them, and cared for them, and we loved him ( He also ate all my hot tamales!!!!!)
We are so grateful at this time for our miracle in Emily and how far she has come! We appreciate all our family and friends on the many prayers, food, visits, fasting. and concern for our family during this time.
I am grateful for my other children for all that they have been through. We learned through all of this that FAMILY and your FAITH can get you through anything! We still have hard days, but we are so grateful for all our many blessings that our Heaven Father has showered on all of us. Hug your children today they are the most important thing in your life! We are also grateful for the Sneed & Ozawa families and their friendship and love!

August 28, 2009

Emily's New Apartment

Em with Jessica and Whitney she has one more roomate Jaren she was at work! Kitchen, front door.

Em's Bedroom

Her desk in her room, look mom gave her a small fridge( spoiled)!

Lyndee, came and helped her move in, We love you Lyndee!! ( She is one of Emily's Utah Moms)

Emily's last week home!

Thanks Marie for being Emily's first paying student!!!

The kids came over and played dressup!

Corbin and Coleson, came by to give auntie lots of love. Look at Corbin shiner on his eye and cheek! No more monkeys jumpin on the bed!!!

Grace, Lily and Emily the girls LOVE Snow White & Auntie Em!!

Madison and Em at her birthday!

August 17, 2009

Dad's Pool Party!!

Mom, Dad & Melissa

Em & Coleson

Cassidy & Marissa

Nathan & Hudson

Josh & Grace Corbin was waiting his turn.


Corbin, Josh & Lily


Celebrating My Dad's 82nd Birthday!!!

Judy & David

Darrin & Yvonne




Corbin going down the slide.


Jodi & Cole

Kelsey & Bryan

Bob, George, Jason watching golf!

Lauren & Madi

Yvonne & Megan

Remington, Madi & Hudson, Hudson is opening his birthday presents.

Jason & Madi, She loves her Daddy

Hudson is opening his birthday presents.

My Dad turned 82 on the 11th, we had a barbecue and swim party!! He loved the pedicure we got him for Father's day, so we got him another one for his birthday!!! Happy Birthday Dad!

August 11, 2009


I watch Corbin one morning, and I was cleaning because some friends were coming over for lunch. Corbin LOVES TO CLEAN!!! I gave him a bucket with some water and a cloth he loved cleaning the cabinets, then on to dusting!!! He did a good job!!! The floor was covered in water, so grandma moped!!! Thanks Corbin