December 28, 2007


For those of you that may not know Bob has gone to work for AFLAC. One of the reasons Bob went to work for them was because of their great reputation, and that they really help families. We have a few friends who have had policies and unfortunately had to use them. It was a blessing to them. AFLAC covers all the things your insurance doesn't plus it pays you, not the hospital or doctors. The cancer, 24/7 accident and the disability policies are the most popular. Ask for it at work, if they don't have it available just let Bob know he can call and work with the benefits people to make it available. But you can also purchase policies straight from Bob. If you have questions Bob can be reached at 702-682-2675.

December 14, 2007

Grandbabies with Santa

We went to the fashion show mall and saw Santa! It was a fun time Corbin 10month liked Santa, Grace 19months did not like Santa and Lily 3 months was happy to be there. We had a great day!!! I love being a grandma!!!

December 05, 2007

McIntyre Christmas Pictures..

The whole gang...
Grandbabies Corbin,Grace & Lily
Josh ,Lisa,Grace,& Lily
Lindsey, Jesse & Corbin

Lauren & Jason (favorite nephew Corbin)

New Nativity Set

I have started to get the kids a Nativity set for Christmas each year. This year I decided to get the Fisher Price Little Peoples set! It is SO cute and the best part is the kids can play with it and nothing gets broken. It's a great tool to teach kids the story of Jesus birth.