March 30, 2008

Lauren is 17 weeks pregnant!!!

Lauren is doing great!! She has another ultrasound April 11th. We should know for sure the sex of the baby then. We are so excited for the new baby!! They got their crib and dresser this weekend it so cute.

March 24, 2008

Called to Serve !!

Bob has been called to be the 1st counselor in the bishopric of the Cheyenne Ridge Ward. He is serving with Bishop Mike Creer and Brother Toby Peterson. Bob is excited and happy to serve the Lord, and the members of the Cheyenne Ridge Ward. It's Bob's turn now to get up early on Sunday mornings and go to meetings!

March 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary Lauren & Jason

Lauren & Jason were married March 18th 2006. It was a wonderful wedding in the Las Vegas Temple. We are so blessed that our children have chosen such great companions.
I loved it when Lauren told us she was going out with Jason,she said" Mom you remember Jason you taught him preschool"!!!!! I said" I do remember Jason but it has been many years since I taught him"!!! I was privileged to have taught all but one of Jason's siblings, and have known his family for years. His grandpa was the one who gave me my first temple recommend when Bob and I got married. Lauren & Jason are having a second honeymoon in Hawaii before the baby comes. They are going to have beautiful children!!!

March 15, 2008

Joy In Our Posterity

For Bobs birthday we all went and enjoyed a great family dinner together at Maggianos. Bob's greatest joy is to be with his family, so this night was perfect!!
I made the reservations and we had decided to eat family style(which means they bring unlimited food), as we were waiting for our table the maitre'd said that a private room just became available and would I like it!!! While he was sitting us in the wine room, he informed us that it cost $250.00 to reserve that room!!! Like Emily always says WE ARE BLESSED!!!! We had a wonderful time!!! The babies could run around the table and scream and we never had to worry! We ate and talked for TWO HOURS!!! WE LOVE BEING WITH OUR FAMILY!!! THEY ARE THE BEST!!!

March 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Bob & Congrats On Losing 50 LBS!!!

Bob's birthday is March 14th. We want to celebrate him,and the life he has lead. Bob is a good person, a great dad and a wonderful husband and a fun grandpa!! He was a beautiful baby,the picture is with his mom and sister Kaye. Then the next one is when he went to kindergarten, then his very proud Afro stage. For his birthday I gave Bob the office in our house, I have working on it for a month. I cleaned all my stuff out and had the room painted. We bought a new desk and got a new fish tank (Thanks Darrin)!! Now Bob has a place were he can work and do his AFLAC business. It really turned out nice!! The other great news is Bob has been doing ATKINS since September and as of today as lost 50 Lbs.!!!! He looks great and is hoping to lose another 50 by September!! Keep up the great work!!! Your and inspiration to us all!!

March 12, 2008

Circleville Wedding Reception

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We had a great time this past weekend visiting college friends. Sheree & Corey Fullmer have been our friends for MANY years!!! Sheree and I were roomates at SUSC (SUU now) it was so nice when our husbands had alot in common and we have remained friends over twenty years. We loved to go to Circleville on the 4th of July each year until the kids turned into teens. It was great to see all our circleville friends & spend this special day with them!! O.K. Fullmers it's your turn to come to Vegas!