March 31, 2010

Spring Break

We started Spring Break with Lisa having knee surgery! ( They shaved her shin bone and put her knee cap back in place then put screws in it PAINFUL). She will be down for awhile, I have had the girls, while Josh and Cindy( Lisa's mother) are taking care of her. We went to see the Easter Bunny Lily started to cry when we got close, so Grace got her picture with him. We went to the hospital to visit, then today all the kids came over and we colored Easter Eggs! Lot of Fun!

March 26, 2010

My Aunt Thelma Abbott Lived A Great Life!

These are pictures from my Aunt Thelma's 94th birthday party last year.
The top picture is with Thelma and her daughter Cindy who she has taken care of until last Tuesday when she passed way in her sleep.
Thelma out lived 2 husbands raised 9 children she had 161 great grand children and 18 great great grand children.
She had a wonderful life, with several trials.
I always loved to go visit Aunt Thelma & Cindy! She was a fabulous cook and she made my first pant suit when I was in 6th grade and the school district finally allowed girls wear pants! This was HUGE! I was so proud of my polyester pant suit.
Thelma loved to garden and was good at it!
She served in the Las Vegas Temple for several years she retired when she was 92!
When I got the call on Tuesday morning about her passing away, I came to my computer and pulled out my pictures of her birthday and her testimony she wrote for me 5 years ago!
She was devoted to her Heavenly Father & family!
I am so blessed to have great example of strong women in my life. And they all are devoted to their church and their family! Both of these things have gotten them thru the hard times in life, and it is their example that I look to when I am going thru trails.
In the bottom picture is mom in the purple her sister Mable Mitchell who is 93 and my Uncle Dick is 87.

March 23, 2010

Emily's Came Home For Spring Break!!

Emily was so happy to see the family! We had lots of fun while she was home! We hated to see her go back to Utah! The babies love their Auntie Em!

Bob's Birthday!

Bob had his birthday on March 14th. We went out to dinner (Tony Roma's)and a movie(His Choice some war movie) the night before his birthday .
Then on his birthday we had the kids all over for dinner and I made him all his favorites ending with german chocolate! It was a great birthday!