May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Family Fun!

We had so much fun with our family, swimming, eating and talking!! I love holidays!

May 23, 2009

Friends Forever!!

I have been reflecting on my college days at SUSC which is now SUU . I know I am dating myself. I LOVED COLLEGE I met the most amazing people there. I had great roommates over the 4 years I was there. My friend & roommate Evelyn Johnson in the glasses, died 2 weeks ago suddenly after being diagnosed with cancer.
Bob had his missionary discussions at her house. She was a wonderful friend to all who knew her.
My other roommate and friend Sheri who I am sitting next to in the welcome to SUSC picture.
We have stayed friends all these years. We have Laughed together, and cried together. Our husbands are friends & enjoy the same things. Over the years we have loved spending 4th of July in Circleville with our friends the Fullmers. Our children have become friends. Sheri, Corey and the boys came by for a short visit on there way back from Calif. We love when they come, we always pick up where we left off and talk, talk, talk!! We love you guys!! Hopefully we can see you on the 4th and do some dutch oven cooking up the mountain. Circleville puts on a great fireworks show!!!

Picking Grandma's Tomato

My Grand babies love to pick my tomatoes, so today I called Corbin, Grace & Lily to let them know I had red tomatoes. We take turns picking, we go by age. Then they get to eat it. Last year I bought a tomato plant at costco and sat in on the front porch, it did so well we had tomaotes all summer. So I bought another one this year. We all enjoy fresh tomatoes.

May 18, 2009

Auntie Em Loves Her Nieces and Nephews

We all love when Auntie Em comes home to play!!!

We Love Artichokes!!

Our family loves to eat artichokes! We introduce them to our kids when they are young. My children use to fight over the heart when ever we would have them. Auntie Em is helping Corbin learn the fine art of eating an artichoke! You can see Grandpa Bob is dipping with Corbin and Jesse is showing Corbin dipping techniques and cutting the heart up. We have a crazy family!!!

May 17, 2009

We Are Going to Grandma's House!

I love when my grandbabies come over, we always have so much fun!!!!

May 11, 2009

Madison is getting so big!

Madison is loving eating big people food, she loves to eat cheerios from the high chair. Grandpa gave her ear of corn to teeth on.

May 10, 2009

Grace's 3rd Birthday Party

Grace had a PINK PRINCESS PARTY!! It was so much fun, Graces cousin and family came to her party! The kids dug for diamonds, we all had a great time. Thanks Josh and Lisa

Grace's 3rd Birthday Present From G'ma & G'pa

We got Grace a Leapster for her birthday, This is a great educational toy. We got her a princess learning game to go with it. Happy Birthday big girl, Grandma & Grandpa love you!!! She slept with it her first night!