July 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Rosemary!!!!!

Today Is Rosemary's Birthday!!! When she was in town in June we celebrated her birthday!!! Have a great birthday!!! We love you!

July 20, 2009

Lauren's is having a birthday!!

Lauren, Madison, & Grace.

Lauren, Madison, Grace & Corbin helping blow out the candles

Lauren had almond joy brownies for her birthday cake with homemade peach ice cream.
We had all the family over for a great dinner!!! We got Lauren for her birthday a subscription to taste of home and a cuisinart ice cream freezer. ( I love mine). Lauren is 24 and a wonderful mom and wife!! We love you sis!

Lauren's birthday

Lauren' s 1st birthday with a Pam Gleason Clown cake !!! What a beautiful baby!!

Lauren was such a good baby!

Lindsey, Lauren, Ricky Gleason & Josh, Lauren opening presents.

Lauren on the Merry Go Round at Peter Piper Pizza

Lauren's 1st birthday with Lisa, Great grandma Tulo, Grandma Rosemary & Grandma Betty.

July 06, 2009

Happy 29th Anniversary!

July 5th was our 29th wedding anniversary, it seems like just yesterday. As we look back it has been a wonderful journey together and it only seems to get better and better. We are truly having joy in our posterity and we are looking forward to the next phase of our lives together. Its so nice to be with my best friend through all of this, I love you and so glad you will be with me forever. Man, we were hot! I love you Lisa!!!

Emily is 21

Emily turned 21 on July 1st! WE celebrated by having friends over for a pot luck lunch, then she went out with Connie to Rain night club! Thanks for a great day! She also went and had a pedicure & facial!! Happy 21st We all love you!