October 29, 2007

Family Birthday Night

We had all the kids and grandkids over for dinner on Sunday for my family birthday party. We had a great time! I love my little babies so much and it is always fun to spend time with everyone together. I got a visa giftcard from all the kids for my birthday and I really need some suggestions on where to spend it. Anyone have any good ideas?

October 25, 2007

Birthday Night....

It was my birthday Wednesday and Bob took me to a surprise outing! Yep, we went to see Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian! The play was wonderful, it is one of my favorites. The seats were wonderful too, 6 rows back right in the middle. Close enough that I didn't have to squint. After the show we went to one of my favorite Italian restaurants called Don Antonios in Henderson. I had my favorite dish called Chicken Dore and Bob had the (huge) Antipasto salad. It was a great birthday evening!!! Thanks to everyone for all the cards, presents, treats and phone calls it made it a memorable birthday.

October 11, 2007

Getting my Food Storage

Bob and I have been working on our food storage, like the prophet has ask us to. We went for family night to Smith Food King they are having a case lot sale. Our bill came to $329.oo then I put in my Smiths card savings, and my bill reduced to $169.00 . We had two shopping carts full!!! When we bought our house one thing I liked best was it had an unfinished basement. Which we finished into a play room and a food storage room, it is so wonderful to have a place to put my food storage!!!!

October 10, 2007

Auntie Em has all the Grandbabies hooked on shaved ice!!!!!

Grace 17 months Lily 5 weeks

We Love Our Grandbabies

Grandpa Bob with Lily 1 month old

October 09, 2007

Our Little Cowboy..

Lindsey took Corbin to have his pictures taken the other day! Here are a few of them. Isn't he just so dang cute!!

October 02, 2007


Our wives always called us EVIL TWINS!!! I can't imagine why!!!!

Our Friends who are Family

This is Danny & Kathy Bechtol They are our dear friends! Kathy is serving a mission in SLC and Danny Is Serving in Heaven!!! He lost his battle with cancer September 28th 2004 we want to pay tribute to him and the wonderful life he lead and for the many lives that he touched. While Emily was in her coma, Danny would come over as often as he could and he would massage her arm for hours. After he was done her spasticy relaxed and her arm would come down!!! He was a tough guy with a big teddy bear heart!!!! We love and miss you both!!!