May 31, 2011

Graces 5th Birthday

Grace turned 5 years old! She had a fun party with family and friends!

Jesse's Graduation from Dental School!

We are so proud of him! Now on to Chicago for 4 more years!!

May 16, 2011

Bob and his dad!

We went to California this weekend to see Bob's dad Charles McIntyre & his wife Lyn.

They live in Yucapia Calif. Bob's dads health has taken a turn for the worst, he has dementia.

Two months ago he fell and broke his leg and they had to do surgery and put a rod in it. Since then his health has declined. It was so good to go down and visit with them. Look at his beautiful skin and hair! It comes from the Allen side of the family, Mac looks just like his mom, I am so glad Bob inherited some of the good Allen genes. Mac Is 77 yrs old and looks great! It was a great visit!