June 29, 2008

I ride the horsey!!!

I take the kids for walks and we always walk by the horses. Grace always say "I ride the horsey" and Corbin goes crazy over them too. So I went to Toys R Us and found Pinto. He is afriend of Dora & Diego he makes horse noise and rocks!!! Great deal for $28.00 the radio flyer one was $89.00. The kids love to ride the horsey!!!

A day at the Circus!

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June 18, 2008


Just when we got home from Southern Hills Hospital with Lauren. We got a phone call from Josh, Lisa and the girl were in an car accident. So off we went back to the 215 and flamingo where we found Lisa the girls and Josh. Thank heavens no injuries!!!
We put everyone in our air condition car and waited 45 minutes for the police. It was the other person fault, but it was scary for Lisa. With all this drama going on we are so blessed to have everyone happy and healthy.

Lauren at 29 weeks and BED REST!

We have had a wild couple of weeks, Madison is being naughty and Lauren has been having small contractions. Lauren has been in the hospital being monitored for and IRRITATED UTERUS. Which we have found out the difference between a contraction and a irritated uterus is the length and severity. She has had shots and is now on bed rest and medicine. This is helping, but she must go in and be monitored daily to make sure things are under control. Never a dull moment!

June 08, 2008

Madison Tate in 3-D

Lauren had a 3-D ultra sound Saturday, Madison weighs 2lbs.5oz. It looks like she has Laurens cheeks, but looks more like Jason. Technology is great!!! Lauren was having some labor this weekend so they gave her a shot to stop it and told her to go home and rest. Lauren and Madison are doing good and have rested all weekend.


Click here for a chance to win free baby clothes!!! So cute, so easy!!!

June 01, 2008

I had a GREAT and BUSY week!!!!

Josh and Lisa Celebrated their third anniversary on Tuesday May 27th,
We babysat the girls overnight so they could go out. I had to paint some walls in my living room because I am getting new shutters. Then I had them for a short time during preschool so Grace was able to do shaving cream with my morning class.
We also picked tomatoes. I have never been a gardener so this tomato plant is a big deal to me.Lisa came and helped me finish my painting before the shutters came!!!
My plantation shutters installed on Wednesday and I love them!!! Thursday we practiced for preschool graduation and had a water and pizza party( I have the best preschool mom's and preschoolers).Came home with a sun burn took a nap. I had my preschool graduation Thursday night. Then Friday I went shopping with my friend, and Bob and I went out to dinner, and then sat in the jacuzzi. Saturday we went to lunch and a movie with friends then that evening we babysat Corbin and went to Scott Albright's Eagle court of honor. Then Sunday I went to my friends ward, they were blessing their twins and Bob was not able to go because he had church meetings. I left her ward and went to my own!! I came home made dinner and the kids came over, It is so fun to be able to sit and visit with them.
It was a wild week, but a GOOD one with a lot of great memories.
I am now on my summer break and I have set some goals to do family history, family cookbook and read the twilight series!!! Have a great summer!