September 28, 2008

McIntyre Recipe Blog!!

I have wanted to create our own family recipe blog this will help me keep track of our family favorite recipes. I put the recipe blog on my favorite links. My family will be adding new recipes with pictures as we make them. I am trying to make some of our favorites and put them on. Enjoy!

Shhhh This is my secret miracle worker

This is the BEST stain remover ever!!! I was first introduced with SoilLove when Lindsey got married, the temple worker pulled this out when Lindsey had black grease and grass stains on her wedding dress. She put it on the stains and Poof they were gone!!!! I use it on everything.
This week in preschool one of my little friends got green paint on the carpet!! When his eyes welled up with tears I told him Not to worry Mrs. McIntyre has a magic solution. The children were amazed when I poured this on the green spot wiped it with a cloth and up it came. Now when the kids spill the say get out you magic solution!!! You can find this at most stores but I get it at the 99 cent store. Enjoy and give it a try!!!

September 22, 2008

My Beautiful Babies!!!!

Every year I have Teddy Bear Portrait come and photograph my preschoolers, I love looking back and seeing all of the preschooler I have taught. I started using them in 1992, I don't have pictures of the first 8 years I taught which makes me really sad! I love seeing how these kids have grown up to be wonderful adults! They also get a tote bag that everyone loves! I love it as a parent and grandparent it helps me to have pictures of my kids and now my grand babies.
Grace is 2 years 4 months, Corbin is 18 month, Lily is 1 year, and Madison is 2 weeks old in these pictures. I went to Gymboree and bought them matching outfits,we tried for 30 minutes to get a picture of them all together! What a nightmare that was. I finally said to the photographer everyone has been tortured enough I hope we can do it next year. They are all beautiful babies!!!

September 15, 2008

Happy 26th Birthday Lindsey!!!!

Today is Lindsey's 26th birthday! We had a wonderful day with shopping and going to lunch. Sunday Lindsey Jesse and Corbin came for dinner and I made all of her favorites! She choose German chocolate cake. This is a family favorite.I am putting the recipe on the side of my blog. Lindsey you have always been a joy in our lives we love you! Happy Birthday! Love Mom & Dad

September 13, 2008

Jason Had A Birthday Shout Hurray!

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Today is Jason's birthday!!! We had a surprise party for him to celebrate his birthday and he graduated from UNLV. We are so proud of him and what a good husband and father he is to his family!!! He usually does not like a lot of hoopla so we had to be sneaky. We all had a good time, we ate all of Jason's favorites. Mexican food and strawberry cake,& Carrot cake and we can't for get his fruit punch koolaid. Jason Happy Birthday and Congrats on graduation.

September 11, 2008

Happy Grandparents Day!!!!

Monday was grandparents day!!! Look at my beautiful grand babies!!! I bought them all matching outfits for pictures which we had at my house the day after labor day
( For preschool). Needless to say to get all 4 of them to be happy at the same time was imposible! So for now we have these great pictures! I hope you enjoy them!

September 03, 2008


Josh was voted as employee of the month at the Suncoast hotel. This alone is a wonderful honor,but it was made more special due to the fact that no member of the valet team had ever been given this honor in 8 years!!! We are very proud of him!
He also goes to school with a full load and is a good husband and daddy!!!!!!

September 01, 2008

Madison is 2 weeks old today

The kids were over for a labor Day barbecue, I can't believe how fast Madison is growing.

Summer Fun

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We have had so many great times as a family this summer I wanted to share birthdays, family get togethers, new baby. We love spending time together. I hope you enjoy the pictures. These are just a few!